mysore conference 1.24.15

today in conference sharath spoke about what a great yoga master his grandfather, sri k. pattabhi jois (guruji) was. he said that what truly made him a great master was that his ego didn't interfere with his teaching and each student that came to him was treated equally. he mentioned what a great master krishnamacharya was as well. he noted that the sacrifices we are making on this path are so small relative to the efforts of these great masters. remember, these teachers were researching in a time when yoga was esoteric and not as socially acceptable as it is today. they were pioneers!

a student asked, "but where can we find the knowledge of yoga today?" 

sharath looked at her, his eyes went wide, a big smile came and he said, "you can find it inside. all of you have it inside aleady. the knowledge is already there. you don't need to go to this place or that place to find it". the tools of yoga assist us in removing the extraneous accumulated layers in order to reveal what is already there within us. sharath said that these great masters didn't practice with a goal in mind or for some piece of paper that says they can teach. they practiced in search of true knowledge of yoga, true knowledge of themselves. this takes plenty of time, patience, and consistency. sharath said, "many d's are required." he laughed and continued, "discipline, determination, drive, devotion..."

it's been beautiful these last years to see sharath, who has taken on such a great undertaking, grow into himself and fill this role as a teacher and as a human. this transformation has been quite powerful! so much love is there. so much compassion. so much humor. i can see it in his eyes.