ma, mba, ba, mfa, phd, ryt, md, cmt, etc.

give me the gift of a book that details the entirety of the grand canyon and i'll regurgitate it's contents back to you...receive an A+. give me the gift of placing me in the center of something so large and awe inspiring that i cannot help but be humbled and stunned into a language free state. experience. wisdom. give me the gift of sitting in meditation, and i may find that unlike the grand canyon, the spaciousness of the inner self is more vast than anything i could ever imagine and without beginning or end. wisdom.   

accumulation of intellectual knowledge or accumulation of degrees in this subject or that one, not unlike obtaining material objects, can often be mistaken for wisdom or permanent truths. our collections of ideas are temporal in their nature and subject to change like anything else. if we hold onto them too tightly or mistaken them for wisdom we are selling ourselves short. it's suggested that wisdom is likely spontaneous. we can set ourselves into what seem to be the ideal circumstances to allow for wisdom to arise, but most likely our ego (our small self) is just taking us for another quick ride around the amusement park.