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Exploring the Subtle (Mid-Summer Course)

In this early morning course, we will explore through experiential practice of the subtler limbs of ashtanga yoga practice as outlined by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutra.

We will have two additional online evening sessions to explore and discuss some of the topics we tap into in the morning. These will be on Zoom video conferencing, and will be possible with any device or phone.

To prepare for a sustained seated practice of concentration, meditation, chanting, and applied unpacking of the yoga sutra, we will do some basic core stabilization exercises to awaken our bodies and breath.

These exercises are supportive of creating a sustainable and strong asana practice.

This is a progressive course, so only enroll if you plan to attend the two weekly sessions each week.

Missing more then two classes in a row will result in your being asked to end enrollment without refund (though you may join the next group starting in September at 50% off).

The price is sliding scale to provide for financial accessibility. Please pay less if it helps you attend, please pay more to help others attend.

Email Adam if you have any questions or to see if this course is right for you.

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