breathe for recovery awareness  
benefit class for the trini foundation












distilling conscious awareness in practice
a one night a week, one month course

mondays,  6:00 – 8pm  - april 17, 24 may 1, 8
the course will focus on refining conscious awareness during the physical practice of asana. we’ll explore concepts of alignment, observe and deconstruct common patterning in the mind body organism, and probe into what it means to find balance on/off the mat in order to create an efficient sustainable practice. trishtana (three pointed awareness) will also be discussed/practiced.

each week will build on the previous week, providing a linear structure. as you may observe, once the mind/body organism has reorganized and re-patterned itself (which takes time and patience), those same principles carry forward throughout the ashtanga sequence slowly unlocking the potential for further self research. although the primary focus will be asana, undoubtedly the classes will be interspersed with yummy philosophical mind candy as well.

the details:
each class will include asana practice, discussion/observation, and some sitting meditation. bring a mat and a small towel. 
in order to keep an intimate group, the series will be limited to a 12 student maximum and a 6 student minimum.everyone must register for the entire course. to reserve a spot, let me know you’d like to attend and make a full cash, check or square space payment. 







ABC's of ashtanga yoga
the workshop will cover fundamentals and beyond of ashtanga yoga. we'll explore a variety of topics including: trishtana (breathing, gazing, and posture) a three prong tool clearing our paths, vinyasa (what exactly does it mean?). we'll look at how asana can be used as an effective tool in the eight limb path, and explore the foundational aspects of practice, literal (our feet) and philosophical. some yoga (asana) practice will be included. bring a mat please. 

Trini Foundation:
The Trini Foundation is dedicated to sharing Ashtanga yoga with those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, and bringing the life-changing practice into underserved communities. In addition to yoga classes, the Trini Foundation partners with wellness professionals to provide resources necessary for those struggling with addiction to successfully navigate the road to recovery.  Thank you for your support! We'll see you on the mat!

more info:     www.trinifoundation.org









practice. a movement retreat
july 15 - 21, 2016                                                                                      
where: studio in the woods, lorane, oregon - more info: movingwithin.com   
cost: $910
cost includes: tent accommodations, all meals, all practice sessions and discussions, transportation from eugene, oregon to studio in the woods upon arrival, and back to eugene on departure day                                                  

why? to practice of course
daily schedule:                                                                                                                     

july 15 will be arrival day and july 21 will be departure day
6 - 8:30am - mysore ashtanga practice (self practice under timothy's guidance)
8:30 - 10am - breakfast - walking, wall staring, drawing, writing…silent time
10am - 12:30pm - bartenieff practice (guided practice with amy)
12:30 - 2pm - lunch - break silence (if desired), free time
2 - 5pm - discussion and group work - topics will vary daily
5:30pm - dinner
7:30pm - short group meditation                                                                     

amy matthews: embodiedasana.com