Doing our part


At East Bay Ashtanga,

We acknowledge that the Ashtanga tradition includes more than just a practice.
It was created and sustained by the work of many people who traveled to far to learn from teachers there at great sacrifice.
This sacrifice included, at times, harm, including sexual and physical assault.
We also acknowledge that the practice would not be here in the West if it weren’t for the generous teaching of Indian practitioners who shared their practice with people who had the power and privilege to travel and dedicate themselves to the practice, and then to return and teach it to us.
This power dynamic has been uneven, and cultural treasures of the Indian tradition has been commodified and abused.
We acknowledge that the land we practice on was taken through systematic genocide of native peoples.
We acknowledge that our ability to practice is, in many ways, inextricably connected to environment degradation.
We acknowledge that access to yoga has been limited by financial, cultural, and physical exclusion based on race, class, and physical ability.
We acknowledge that it is up to us to do our part to reduce harm and offer reconciliation where harm has been done.
We acknowledge that we don’t entirely know how to do this, but we are committed to the struggle of waking up and doing our part.

Some steps were are taking to include this awareness in our practice:

  • No-one is excluded for lack of financial resources: We offer scholarships to those in need, and ask that those who receive scholarships reciprocate where possible through volunteer hours and/or community engagement.

  • While we follow the “ashtanga vinyasa” template of postures, we modify and adjust with depending on student needs.

  • We are training and supporting the empowerment of people of color to teach and share their voice and experience.

  • We give back at least 3% of gross revenue to student scholarships and local charities. See below for descriptions of the social benefit causes we contribute to.


Charities We support

STAND! For Families Free From Violence

“STAND! For Families Free of Violence is a catalyst for breaking the multi-generational cycle of violence, promoting safe and strong relationships, and rebuilding lives.”